Appalachian Moonshine is a real sour mash whiskey. Our mashing process extracts all the natural sugars and flavor from the grain, no added sugar as some other companies do to raise their alcohol level. Our products are made with local grains and bottled with certified arsenic free U.S. bottles. Our product is mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled on site, giving you a premium product. This separates us from the various companies using GNS or (grain neutral spirits) purchased from an ethanol plant and put in a bottle. We offer a hand crafted authentic product made on site in Ripley WV U.S.A. Our goal is to raise the bar by having a product that others will be judged by. Appalachian Distillery produces a high quality premium product that people will enjoy.

Our product comes in a moonshine style jug, and not your typical whiskey bottle or mason jar style container. In every design feature we desired to come up with unique bottles, flavors, and labels to set us apart from the rest.

Our distilling process is hands on from start to finish. Just like the old timers use to do it. From the corn stalk to the bottle, 100% West Virginia Made!